Move-Out Cleaning South FL

Looking for a move-out cleaning that can help you get your security deposit back?

Or you just need a thorough move-out cleaning FL to clean all the mess left behind by your tenants?

Perhaps you are planning on sell your house! Did you know that a top to bottom move-out cleaning can help you sell your home faster?

Savassi Cleaning LLC has been offering move-in cleaning FL and move-out cleaning FL since 1999.

Here’s a list of services that we provide on our move-out cleaning:

Common Areas

  • *All floors swept, vacuumed and washed;
  • *All carpets vacuumed and edged;
  • *All stairways swept, vacuumed and washed;
  • *All baseboards wiped down;
  • *All ceiling fans fans dusted;
  • *Light switches and door knobs sanitized;
  • *Window sills, door tracks and panes cleaned;
  • *All cabinets cleaned inside and out;
  • *All door frames and moulding cleaned;
  • *All levered doors dusted;
  • *All closests cleaned;
  • *All cobwebs removed;
  • *All blinds dusted;
  • *All light fixtures dusted;
  • *Fingerprints removed;
  • *All garbage removed


  • *All appliances cleaned inside and out;
  • *Refrigerator moved and cleaned inside/out and top;
  • *All countertops and backsplashes cleaned and sanitized;
  • *All sinks cleaned and disinfected;
  • *All chrome shined;
  • *All shelving wiped down and sanitized;
  • *All baseboards cleaned;
  • *All moulding cleaned;
  • *All garbage removed.


  • *Toilet, bathtub and sinks cleaned and sanitized;
  • *All drawers cleaned inside and out;
  • *All mirrors cleaned;
  • *All baseboards cleaned;
  • *All moulding cleaned;
  • *All doors Cleaned  and garbage removed.